Friday, September 08, 2006

Boubyan Bank

Bank Boubyan is a new Islamic bank stationed in Kuwait that recently started operations. The website still looks very basic but its a good start. I noticed its the only bank in the country to have a "ladies' branch". Immediately, I thought...WTF??? A LADIES' BRANCH??? Are you telling me we're having trouble with cell phone pervs in banks now? Damn... only in Arabia.

Anyways, the bank does seem to have an upside. Since the bank is an Islamic bank, and Islamic law is against interest, the bank (hopefully, I'm not sure) does not charge interest on credit card bills and loan payments. If so, I'm gonna get a credit card, spend like a fucking lunatic, and repay by the time I'm a million years old. That would be alot of fun. Just imagine it, I'd love having the Guinness World Record for most impressive credit card bill... *Fuzz snaps back to reality*.

Their main branch is in the Sharg Area, Mubarak Al-Kabeer St., Block 1, Building 17: Basement, Ground, and Mezzanine floors.

Their ladies' branch is in Kuwait City, Abdullah Al-Salem St., Block 5, Building 15, Central Commercial Area.

Their third and final branch is in Hawally on Beirut Street, Block 66, Building 5, Ground & Mezzanine floors.


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