Thursday, August 31, 2006

Pay Up BA

On August 25th I took a plane from London Heathrow to Kuwait, that flight was a trnansit from an earlier flight from Boston. At Boston Logan, they made me pack my guitar in a makeshift case consisting of cardboard and tape. At the moment I knew for a fact my guitar was gone. I was absolutely certain it was going to be destroyed.

You see I immediately assumed that because I knew it was gonna be thrown into this big empty place with other massive heavy bags. The weight of the other bags would surely crush the wooden acoustic. My dad bought insurance before we left because we had 10 bags. BA still can't find my guitar, the tag might have gotten ripped straight off, leaving it nameless. If they destroy it or lose it for sure, I get the insurance money. It isn't that much, its about 270 dollars, or almost 70 KD, but still, thats better than nothing.

Honestly, I hope they lose it, I have other guitars and I can really use the money :P


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