Tuesday, August 22, 2006

BMW 750 iL - The Ultimate Bond Car

BMW 750iL - Tomorrow Never Dies

''Q' delivered a lovely new BMW 750 to Bond and luckily had it fully insured for all eventualities.

Remote controlled from a cell phone, Bond spends a fair bit of time out of the car during the car chase. Fully loaded with weapons, Bond steers the car towards the roof..
The last time it was seen flying off the multi-storey, car park - straight into the 'Avis Rent-a-Car' showroom."

Some cool stuff put into James Bond's BMW 750:
Remote controlled steering and ignition from a Sony Ericsson mobile
Indestructible windows
Tire blowing sparks released from back
Electrified door handles
Missiles fired from sunroof
Wire cutter fitted under BMW logo on the hood
... theres plenty more but I can't remember details, after all, I watched this movie back in 1997...


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