Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Big 16th

I wasted my past 4 birthdays...

Birthday 2002: Stayed at home and watched movies.
Birthday 2003: Forced to study for Arabic test the following day.
Birthday 2004: Spent the day walking on the beach with nothing better to do.
Birthday 2005: Not a single person remembered and I spent the day doing nothing at home...again.

I AM NOT wasting yet another birthday. I AM NOT going to bed thinking," shit, I just wasted yet another birthday, I cant believe I just did that...AGAIN" This is one is special, I only turn 16 once in my entire life. I fucking HAVE TO DO something fun. Hopefully people remember it this year. I fucking hate big parties with tons of people and crap. My ideal birthday would be leaving to the airport instead of school, getting my ass on a flight to... oh I dunno somewhere close but fun, hmmmm... Dubai(..?), and spending the day there, only to make it back to Kuwait by midnight. That would be a fucking awesome birthday.

Any suggestions?


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