Tuesday, July 11, 2006

NYC Explosion Story Develops

"After an explosion collapsed a building in New York, lawyers who handled the owner's divorce revealed a disturbing e-mail he sent. Addressed to the owner's ex-wife, it said: "I always told you I will leave the house only if I am dead." Investigators are looking into the possibility the blast may have resulted from a suicide attempt, a fire official said."

Sounds harsh, now that terrorism is ruled out, people are looking at the possibility that the building's collapse was caused by a suicide attempt gone wrong. Although, blowing yourself up to kill yourself is more a bomber's tactic, or he just wanted to kill himself and destroy his ex-wife's property while he's at it. I wana read more about how the guy managed to kill himself & blow the building to little shreds. Improvised Explosive Device (IED) ? or was it arsen that blew up the gas lines?


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