Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Jammin' With The Blues Man

I spent my few hours of free time at Daddy's Junky Music on Mass Avenue. I was in there testing just about every guitar in the wall (as usual). Then walks in an old man, obviously from the way he dressed he was from Chicago. He waked over the bass section and picks up a classic bass and starts pumping out some blues bass lines. I sat there in amazement just watching him play that bass with the true heart and soul of the blues.

I headed over to the acoustic section and picked up an acoustic guitar and came over. He looked over at me and let me know that I was welcome. He started playing a new bass line and I strummed a bluesy chord and went on to some improv blues solos. It was very spontaneous and it just kept flowing. We played for a long time til he just suddenly stopped and told me he had to go and playing together was fun.

It's weird how much you can learn from a senior citizen. Right after that I bought a Digitech Scremin' Blues guitar effect pedal. Playing with tht guy was truly an interesting experience.

PS:- That isnt the guy in the pic. I searched google for a guy that looks like Chicago blues bassist, this photo beared the most resemblance to the actual guy from the shop today.


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