Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Fuck This

I've been doing nothing but babysitting my little brothers (may they burn for eternity in the pits of Hell). I get into fights with them and scream at them 24/7. I'm beginning tolose ,y voice and I have a constant headache. I got aggressive towards that motherfucker brother of mine Faisal today. If it wasn't broken up I could have caused him serious neck injuries, injuries he deserves for fucking up my summer. When I spent time in Boston alone in the past, I actually felt relaxed and at peace. These motherfuckers keep me on edge 24/7 and make me tremble and spasm with anger, a normal symptom. This only happens to me when I'm EXTREMELY pissed the fuck off, especially at school, and when I'm with my insane fucking family.

This sucks, its almost midnight here in Boston, I'm gonna go run on the harbor...


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