Friday, July 21, 2006

First Act Guitar Studio

First Act Guitar Studio is a new guitar manufacturer that started operations in Boston just a few years ago. Basically, they have a guitar workshop where you talk to the designers and engineers about how you want your guitar to look and feel and sound. Basically, they can make anything with exact precision for a rather high fee. For example, read this:-

Here's a conversation I had with the guitar maker..

Me:"Can you make a guitar that has the body resembling a Gibson SG on top and a Fender Stratocaster on the bottom. I want the headstock to look like an inverted Gibson Explorer. I want the neck to have the feel of an Ibanez, made of Indonesian Mahogany. I want the inlays on the fretboard to resemble the ones on Kirk Hammett's ESP guitar. Also, I want the maroon color of a BC Rich that was discontinued in 1985."
Guy:" Yeah, OK, no problem. It might take a few months and cost about $4000."

I have played many of their guitars ar their store and am truly amazed by their products. They were absolutely fucking amazing. In fact, they were so amazingly constructed that I will buy one of their guitar tomorrow morning. I'm planning on getting one for alot less that 4 grand, of course :P

They are known for having quite an impressive list of customers, who include the likes of Keith Richards of the Rolling Stones. I EVEN PLAYED KEITH'S GUITAR!!! WOOOOHOOOO!!!!

For those of you who are in the Boston area and wish to visit this awesome store, its pretty close to the Berklee College of Music. When you go to the main campus across from Daddy's Junky Music on Mass Ave., keep going straight and take a right before crossing the mini bridge that leads you to Virgin Megastore. Continue on that street and the store should be opposite of Lord & Taylor, near the rear exit of the Prudential Center.

PS: I noticed many of their guitars are named after women... I like "Lola", hahaha :P


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