Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Chinese Democracy

Ever since the original Guns N' Roses broke up in 1994 beacause Axl Rose kept on arguing with, sueing, and fighting with the original members, especially Slash. Ever since Slash left GNR, they've sucked. GNR's last official album, the cover album titled the "The Spaghetti Incident?". It sparked international controversy because the band covered a song originally written by cult leader and murderer Charles Manson.

Since 1995, Axl Rose has promised GNR fans a new album in the same year as his annual announcement. Just recently, Axl announced that the album is due late this year. The reason the new album, named "Chinese Democracy", is delayed every year is because Axl Rose keeps on firing the entire line up and re-recording the album with the same songs, completely unchanged, except for the fact that the work of the former members is no longer included. Even when the line up remains unchanged and the album is completely finished, Axl decides to scrap it all and re-record the whole album. This pisses off the members and they quit and sue Axl. After that, Axl Rose hires a new line up and records the album once more. For 10 years, this has been going on. I hope this is Axl's final announcement and I hope the album is released later this year as he said.

The world awaits Chinese Democracy. Hurry up Axl, GNR fans want their long awaited album...


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