Monday, July 10, 2006

Bank Adventure

Ok, so here's basically what happened:
I left the office building and found a taxi on the road that would take me home. On the way I called my dad on his mobile to ask him where my passport is. He gave me the location of the safe and keys (mwahahahaha). When I got there I paid the guy some extra money just to stick around. I quickly got the passport, running like a mad man. Then I jumped back into the cab and told the guy to drive all the way to Kuwait City's Gulf Bank branch (main branch).

Let me just say that Gulf Bank's customer service is absolutely amazing. I walked in, told the lady at the front desk that I wanted to open a Freedom Account. She said OK then gave me a ticket with the number 841. I waited on their rather comfortable chairs til it was my turn. In under 6 minutes my number came up and I walked into the cubicle. Gulf Bank has MANY staff on duty at all times, so you're never left hanging. I walked in and the guy was very welcoming asking the usual greeting questions. He even got out of his chair and shook my hand and asked me to have a seat. That is very unusual treatment for a 15 year old in Kuwait. I was expecting to be treated like a fucking baby as usual. So anyways, I take a seat and I explain to the guy that I am interested in opening a Freedom Account. He quickly gives me a form to fill out and leaves me with my passport as he goes to photocopy my Civil ID. The form didn't take long to fill out, less than 10 minutes. Also, for the first time in my life, I didn't have to ask a single question. The form was extremely thorough and simple. The man came back with my Civil ID and told me to come back in 2 days for my Visa Electron ATM card. The only question I had was when do I get my free MTC line? He says I can pick it up when I come for the card. I thanked him, shook his hand, and left. Absolutely no hassle. Just a quick, simple, and efficient process. I HIGHLY reccomend the Gulf Bank to anyone, especially students, unlike NBK who never returned my calls or bothered to help.

After leaving the bank I called up another taxi to take me back to the office at Sharg Tower. I'm still extremely surprised that The Gulf Bank staff treated me just like they would treat a full grown adult. They were extremely informative and thorough and gave me absolutely NO bullshit. Also, they're paying me interest and giving me a free MTC line and Visa Card in record time. NBK didn't give me that shit, and they said I would get the card by next Sunday! Screw that. Gulf Bank rocks.


At 2:05 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

A Visa Electron is a regular ATM card, its not a Visa Card, there is a big difference. NBK would have given you a Visa card.

While with Gulf Bank you have a chance to win an iPod, with NBK you have a chance to win a car.

While with Gulf Bank you don't have many branches and the branches they have are small, with NBK you have over 50 branches in Kuwait and they are all now being redesigned like the one next to Cinema Salmiya.

If you started off as Azraq, once you turn 18 you get the Shabab account which gets you even more benifits.

At 3:16 PM, Blogger FUZZ said...

NBK keeps treating me like shit everytime i try to contact them, they're customer service sucks. I didnt join for a car or ipod, i joined cuz i need an account. Both NBK and Gulf say they issued a "Visa Electron ATM Card" specifically on their sites. So whatever its called, it has the same function, u use them at an ATM or as a debit card. SAME function. About the branches, a Gulf & NBK branch are very close to my house and at every major location like the City, Hawally etc...

The main reason i went with gulf is because they treated me much better at their branch than at NBK. NBK keeps treating me like shit and theyre too unpredictable.

...Also,it was nice of Gulf to give me a free MTC line :P

At 3:49 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

NBK give a REGULAR VISA CARD and a Visa Electron
Gulf Bank issue just a VISA ELECTRON

U don understand????

Visa Electron is regular Knet ATM card

The Visa Card is a debit card which you can use to purchase stuff from the internet.

I will meet you and give you MTC card. Price is only KD5 cheapo.

At 8:52 PM, Blogger FUZZ said...

sheesh gimme a break, i'm at work and time for posting's a privelage round here:P OK i seem to have fucked up the different cards issued and their function, but i dont need another net shopping card.
what are u employed by NBK or something?
I know MTC lines can be 5 KD and cheaper in the classifieds, but thats not the point.

oh, and if ur gona play tough guy get the fuck off my blog or use ur real name mr.anonymous


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