Thursday, June 08, 2006

Upgrading My Mac

I got to the shop and I decided to take advantage of my was6a, it's my dad's friends so it all for free :D . Anyways, I'm upgrading my hard drive to 60 GB, which is double my old 30 GB hard drive. Also, my RAM us being upgraded from a tiny 256 MB to a full 1 GB. Remember, my laptop is just a 12 inch Apple iBook G4 and I love the thing. I've taken everywhere in the country and everywhere out of the country. I can't wait til Saturday when I get it back from the workshop in Hawalli. People, if you want to get your computers updraded for a good price, check out Quick Solution, a shop in the Mezanin at Al Mulla Commercial Complex in Hawalli. Its on Bin Khaldun Street across from Al-Ruwaished Recording (yuck, arabic music).


At 6:23 PM, Blogger Mark said...

dude you are letting hawalli people open up your ibook? do you know that you wont get it back the same way you gave it to them. To replace your harddrive you need to remove like 30-40 screws of different sizes and stuff. If you dont know what u r doing there is no way u can put it back right. i doubt the hawalli people have a step by step guide.. check it out yourself

if its not to late get your laptop back. just buy the drive from them but let someone experienced with macs replace the drive for u. i have a number of a guy, he charges kd15 an hour, it needs maybe 2 hours to replace your drive so thats KD30.


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