Sunday, June 25, 2006

Kuwait Airways Offers

I seriously wanna take a fucking break in Europe in a non-overrated country like France, yuck. So far, the best deal I can get is for a 5 night accomodation at the Intercontinental Hotel and round trip (to and back) tickets on Kuwait Airways, economy class. I don't give a shit what class I'm in as long as my ass lands in Frankfurt. What seriously shocked me was the price of the whole deal, it was only 325 KD! That's it! If I can squeaze in a trip sometime between the beginning and middle of July, that would rock. OR... I can just wait til winter break or Eid Al-Adha break to go Frankfurt. Amsterdam seems a little too out of my league at the moment and I doubt my parents are going to let me smoke all the Mary Jane in Amsterdam alone. I really like Germany and I seriously wouldn't mind going there to chill. Besides, some of the best guitar and music shops in the world are in Germany. I hope Metallica has some tour dates while I'm there.

Damn...325 KD gets me in Frankfurt for 5 night. I need to get "my deal" done soon...

Here are the Kuwait Airways Offers


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