Sunday, June 11, 2006

Boring Summer

Its been only 5 days since the beginning of summer break and I'm bored out of my fucking mind already. I have a summer to do list but none of those things are really coming to life. For example, I said I'd like to spend a day in Ahmedi taking some pictures of the birds they have there. Didn't happen. Also I wanted to go fishing off the pier near Chili's late at night. Surprise surprise... nothing happened. I'm constantly in and out of the city, I love it there. Fuck Marina, nobody really goes out to discover the REAL Kuwait. I've been told I do things nobody else in my age group ever does, I guess I'll have to agree.

I think I'll go bargain hunting at the old marketplace in the city and then head to Casper & Gambini's (Salhiya Branch Ofcourse). I'm a city addict. Let's go burn down Marina Mall, should be entertaining watching all the ninja looking chicks and the KISS fan girls running for their pink Hummers with glasses that make them look like fucking mosquitos.


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