Friday, June 30, 2006

Pandora: The Music Genome Project


This is probably one of the internet's greatest and most practical websites. Basically, you type in the name of the artist or the song that you like, and then Pandora searches its entire (EXTREMELY massive) library of songs of the same genre and style. Then, it places them in an endless playlist for you so you can stream them and listen to them live from the internet. No downloading necessary. If you don't like the song, you can just skip it and move on to the next one. Pandora will display the song name, artist, album, and album art for your conveniance.

Personally, I'm amazed by the fact that 99% of the songs that Pandora selected for me are all the same style of songs I like. All this simply by typing in the name of one song/artist that I like. This site is fucking sweet!

Thursday, June 29, 2006


Hi everybody! My name is Fuzz, and I'm recovering from bankrupcy. I have no money and my current personal fortune is estimate at around 15 KD. Feel free to donate whatever amount of cash you wish.

PS: My driver is in India so now I'm broke AND stuck at home.

Baby Barf

I fucking hate kids, but this video of babies throwing up like they just had a bad burrito is just fucking hilarious. Throwing up is probably the weirdest human bodily function.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Unfortunately, In Some Places, Women Are Still Treated Like Shit

So it's nice to know that atleast SOMEONE is doing something about getting rid of that problem. Now if we can only get the Kuwaiti Government (those shitwipes sitting in their Lazyboy recliners with a Cohiba cigar and coffee) to apply the same concept in Kuwait and end this sort of abuse to both women and foreign workers, especially house mades. Fucked up country we live in. Abusive attitudes toward women and laborers just pisses me off.

Fuck Kuwait.

All Hail Slash.. Master Of Improv Guitar

Awesome. Just mother fucking awesome. Watch this bootleg video from back in 1992. Originally an improv ("teshyeer", previously unplanned, off the top of his head) solo. Just watch it, click the link. My jaw just hit the floor...

Slash Raising Hell In Tokyo 1992

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

This Is The West's Primary Source ... Fuck Us

American see this and then call us shitbags that don't deserve life. They say we live in tents and we aren't even human fucking beings. They believe that we slaughter people for fun and torture them for our own personal satisfaction. They think we're fucking pigs.

Truth be told, we are. We had it coming all along. Fucking islamic extremists ,|,,

Candidate Jamal Al-Omar Caught Buying Votes

A candidate running for the 10th precinct (stationed in Jabriya I believe) was caught buying votes. A person was present at the time and managed to hide his mobile while shooting the video clip. In the video, he makes the lady swear that she will vote for him and then proceeds to pay her! The funny part is that this guy was swore that he wanted to end bribery and make this fucking excuse of a country a better place. This just comes to show you how fucked up this place is. Fuck Kuwaiti politics/politicians. Watch the video:

Jamal Al-Omar Buying Votes


I'm gona be spending my day with cows. Yes, cows. Moo.

How Would YOU Like Harry Potter To Die?

For all you Harry Potter haters out there, how would YOU like Harry Potter to be killed? Here are some of my personal favorites:-

1. Headshot with a shotgun
2. Crucifixion
3. Suicide by slitting wrists
4. Getting the Drill Sergeant from Full Metal Jacket to knock the shit out of the bastard
5. Getting a member of Al-Qaeda to saw his head off and send a tape of it to Al-Jazeera

Any more entertaining ways to kill the son of bitch?


I don't know about you but I sure fucking hate Harry Potter crap. I just can't see why people are entertained by some teenage kid that waves around a stick to get whatever he wants done. I read the first few chapters of the first book and got purely and utterly bored. Finally, JK Rowling is going to write something I will find absolutely entertaining in my own twisted evil way. JK Rowling is killing off Harry Potter in the mext book! MWAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!

If you don't believe me, here's a link to a CNN news article: DIE HARRY DIE!!!

PS: I'm sure James Hetfield is going to be making fun of this at Metallica's next show when he talks to the audience.

Tasmanian Tiger To Be Cloned

For those of you that don't know, the Tasmanian Tiger is a type of tiger that went extinct in Australia in 1936. A group of Australian scientists are going to clone the Tasmanian Tiger using some of the DNA that still exists today, the remains of a fetus. I can't wait to see the actual Tasmanian Tiger walk the lands again. Damn, humans are trying to play God now... Here's what the press had to say:-

"Australian Museum Director Professor Michael Archer takes a close look at an 1866 Tasmanian Tiger embryo in Sydney May 28, 2002 that scientists have used to successfully replicate some of the animals genes using DNA extracted from the specimen. Scientists say they hope to clone a Tasmanian Tiger in 10 years if they are successful in constructing large quantities of all the genes of the extinct animal and sequencing sections of the genome to create a genetic library of Tasmanian Tiger DNA. The animal, also known as a thylacine, was a dog-like carnivorous marsupial with stripes on its back that lived on the Australian island state of Tasmania before it was hunted down by farmers who blamed it for killing sheep. The last known tiger died in 1936."

Monday, June 26, 2006

Cheesiness Overwhelming Me

I'm in the mood for cheesy 80s music. Damn, where do I start...

Unnamed Feeling

Summer is beginning to get very monotonous. I'm beginning to feel this weird feeling which is sort of a mix of boredom, depression, anger, desperation, with a dash of innocence and a touch of evil. There isn't much to do in this shitty little country. I have to wait a full 3 weeks before I go to Las Vegas. I'm planning on not shaving from now on so I can pass for over 18 in Vegas. Who knows? It just might actually add a few years.

Off topic... anyways, I really need something to keep me busy. Any suggestions?

Rare Cloud Formation

This is by far one of the most bizarre weather anomalies I have ever seen. The creepy part is that its real! These clouds were spotted over Iowa in the USA. The effects of global warming I guess.

A Nice Little Gift

Yesterday I got a gift (...for the first time in ages). A friend from work went to Camp Arifjan (US military base in Kuwait, for those of you that don't know) and got me a lighter that looks just like the lighters used by the American troops in Iraq. It's manufactured by Zippo and has a shiny metallic purple exterior (not obvious in the picture) that changes color at different temperatues. I like the image on the front. The only thing that pisses me off about it is the fact that the exterior gets fingerprints on it easier than an ink drenched fingerprint on paper. Anyhow, this little thing is fun and I'm enjoying lighting cigarettes for everybody at work. I'm going to have learn how to do some cool Zippo lighter tricks. Its nice getting a gift every once in a while...

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Rock Merchandise Universe

Rock Merch Universe is an online shop that has everything you could possibly imagine when it comes to rock merchandise. Everything they have has been inpired by famous rock and metal bands from the USA and EVERYTHING. For example, they have CDs, DVDs, posters, guitar picks, patches, T-shirts, long sleeve shirts, hoodies, lighters, hats, calenders, band jewelery, clocks, keychains, hats, wallets, CD wallets, mousepads, wristbands, and even backpacks. I don't know about you but I'm about to order a shitload of rock stuff. Definately about 30 rock shirts. I'll just check out everything else and get the few things I want from those categories. This site fucking rocks. A definite must for any rock/metal fan out there.

Here's a link:-
Rock Merch Universe

Kuwait Airways Offers

I seriously wanna take a fucking break in Europe in a non-overrated country like France, yuck. So far, the best deal I can get is for a 5 night accomodation at the Intercontinental Hotel and round trip (to and back) tickets on Kuwait Airways, economy class. I don't give a shit what class I'm in as long as my ass lands in Frankfurt. What seriously shocked me was the price of the whole deal, it was only 325 KD! That's it! If I can squeaze in a trip sometime between the beginning and middle of July, that would rock. OR... I can just wait til winter break or Eid Al-Adha break to go Frankfurt. Amsterdam seems a little too out of my league at the moment and I doubt my parents are going to let me smoke all the Mary Jane in Amsterdam alone. I really like Germany and I seriously wouldn't mind going there to chill. Besides, some of the best guitar and music shops in the world are in Germany. I hope Metallica has some tour dates while I'm there.

Damn...325 KD gets me in Frankfurt for 5 night. I need to get "my deal" done soon...

Here are the Kuwait Airways Offers

I Wanna Go To Amst...Fran...Lond...umm.....Europe

I was thinking about travling to a new destination during this year's winter break. I feel like going to Europe. You see, I have no idea where in Europe I want to visit. My 2 main options at the moment are Amsterdam and Frankfurt. I haven't been to Amsterdam before, so that would be interesting. Though I have been to Frankfurt before. Frankfurt is definately the Heavy Metal center of Europe. I stand by the fact that Germany (Duestcheland!!!) is the absolute fucking best European country. France absolutely sucks. I hated Paris. If Iron Maiden and/or Metallica will be appearing in London this December, I'll be heading there in a heartbeat, no questions asked. As of this moment, I am aiming towards Frankfurt.

This should be fun. Just me and a friend in Frankfurt, the Metal capital of Europe, for about 10 days. I can't wait til December...

Friday, June 23, 2006

The TRUTH Behind Japanese Cuisine

You thought eating raw fish with little sticks was Japanese tradition??? Think again...

Click Here To Watch The Video

I'm Talkin' 'Bout Weed Brutha!

In Kuwait we're all clean as a whistle, but we all nail "Mary Jane" in Amsterdam. Fact of life, and don't bullshit and say you didn't do it too. Its easy to get weed in Kuwait, but it ain't worth it. I wanna plan a trip to Amsterdam with my friend this year. Preferably during December-January, winter break time. I love the winter and I'm sure Mary Jane keeps us all nice and snuggly and warm during the cold European winter months =o)

I have to make a list of all the places I wanna go.

God Damn Ministry

I think they've given me a pretty clear warning. If I go through with Q8Smoke, my ass is gonna be puffing smoke. I could face some serious shit. Wait, here's my favorite part:

BUT... If my uncle, Faisal Hayat, is elected to parliament, that gets me a very nice was6a. I love was6as. Was6as make the world a much better place :-) ..... (for me, that is :-P)

DO NOT Eat UK & Irish Cadbury Bars

LONDON (Reuters) - Cadbury Schweppes Plc said on Friday it had recalled over 1 million chocolate bars in the UK and Irish markets in a precautionary move as they could contain minute traces of salmonella.

"There are minute traces of salmonella which are significantly below those (levels) which scientific standards say present any hazards," a Cadbury spokewoman said.

Richest Man In Heavy Metal

James Hetfield, co-founder, rythym guitarist, lyric writer, and lead vocalist of Metallica is officially the richest man in the history of rock/metal with a personal fortune of $1,400,000,000 ( 1.4 billion US dollars). Congratulations James!

PS: Not all his money is from Metallica. He's had plenty of non-metal related side projects. I guess the endorsements of the Dominican Fuente Hemingway Cigars got him plenty of money as well.

(Photo was taken in 1991)

Aqua Teen Hunger Force

For some weird reason, I'm getting into older cartoons that are absolute classics, like South Park and Aqua Teen Hunger Force. AQTF is probably the weirdest show and coolest show ever to air on TV. Its about 3 fast food inspired characters (Frylock, Meatwad, and Master Shake) that used to be super heroes but retired and ended up living off of welfare checks in a house in New Jersey with a typical American trailer trash neighbor, Carl. Each 12 minute episode is weirder, dumber, and fucking cooler than the last. You can download thes episodes of off any P2P (Cabos, iMesh, Kazaa ...) or watch a few clips and some full episodes on YouTube. Enjoy!

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Photo Submission

If you have interesting photos you want published for everyone to see send it to with a small description of the photo and the circumstances etc...
I guess it would be an interesting addition to the blog.

Interesting Day

Today I ended up walking aimlessly around the city. Said hello to the few unfortunate dudes at the office at 7 PM at first. Later on, I walked to Souq Sharg for some Subway for dinner and ended up watching a horrible skating show. Ended the day having some good mint tea at a gahwa sha3biya (Kuwaiti coffee/shisha hangout sort of place).

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Why Ferrari? Why?!?!

The Ferrari F430 was the last smoking hot Ferrari to come out of Italy. Ever since, Ferrari car designs have just gotten uglier. The 612 Scaglietti was the first car of Ferrari's ugly streak. I kept my hopes up and was confident that Ferrari would release another lean mean revving machine soon. Nothing significant came along , just more ugly cars. When I saw the design for the Ferrari SUV, I lost ALL hope for Ferrari. The Italian Stallion is DEAD.

Screw The Ministry

How come Kuwaiti government actually does work when you want them to just sit on their ass? How come they sit on their ass when we need them to work for the country?

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Me Vs. The Ministry Of Health

As most of you already know, I am currently setting up my tobacco import company, Q8Smoke. Everything was going smooth and well until the lawyer at my dad's company warned me about the Minister. Technically, I'm importing tobacco to resell without a liscence of any recognition from the US tobacco comapnies like Phillip Morris and RJ Reynolds. Therefore, I'm a smuggler. Not only am I under 18 and selling tobacco to minors ... wait, I don't care, they pay :P

That's all illegal, but nobody gives a shit, except for the minister himself. If he finds out that I am doing this, I'm going to lose every penny I made, my web domain will be shut down, I will be facing smuggling chargers, tobacco sale without a liscence charges, and tobacco sale to minors chargers. If convicted, I'm going to be paying one huge mother fucking fine as well as possible jail time.

I'm not putting my ass on the line. Unless I can find a loop hole in the law system, I'm done. Perhaps I can set up my site to sell other products?? For now I have to make sure the minister is happy. I can't get fucked yet, I haven't sold anything, and you cant get screwed for planning.I have to do some more research and see what I can do...

Wish me luck...

iPhoto Issue

Remember when I got my iBook's RAM and Hard Drive upgraded? Well, when they did that, I lost iPhoto on my Mac. That's why I haven't been uploading any pictured that I have personally taken with my camera. I'll get iPhoto soon (hopefully) and resume my image posting.

The Office Again

I just got to the office in Sharg Tower here in Kuwait City. For those of you that don't know it, its the big blue building right next to the Wataniya Telecom building. Yesterday somebody figured out how to get the world cup for free on his computer, so he hooked it up to the big screen TV and everybody in the office came over to our office to watch. We're gona do the same today, and I'm responsible for supplying everyone here with popcorn. No joke.

The Beatles Cartoon

The Beatles Cartoon Show episodes available on YouTube

Back in the 1960s, The Beatles were so famous they even had a cartoon show. At that point in time they would have been more famous than Mickey Mouse or Bugs Bunny.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Hotel California

Song of the moment.

Check out the Video:

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Q8Smoke ... Opening Soon!

For all you smokers out there that want cigarettes or cigars that are unavailable or hard to get in Kuwait, this company has been opened for YOU.

You see, many smokers complain that specific types of cigarettes and cigars are wanted but nowhere to be found. All you have to do now is place an order telling us what type of cigarette you want and and how many cartons you want. In a short period of time, your tobacco products will be available for your personal use. It will be a pay on delivery type of service.

Plenty of international brands will be available, I'll post them soon.

A website will be set up later on where you can place orders. (Don't worry, names and privte information will be kept absolutely 100% CONFIDENTIAL, nobody can request any names etc...) The website will have the types of cigarettes and the cost of each carton. As well as the types of cigars and the cost per box. Once the website is up and running I will post the address and you can begin to place orders for your favorite packs of smokes.

Happy Smoking!

Friday, June 16, 2006

Oh... Crap...

I just realized that tomorrow is the 17th of June. That's right, report card day. Tomorrow I walk into the gates of hell on more time only to pick up a piece of paper which is used by parents all over the world as an excuse to slaughter their children. Ofcourse, I have spent the past few days devising an ingenious plan composed of countless incredibly difficult steps based of theories by the world's most famous scientists and philosophers to avoid this moment...

I'm just gonna oversleep and wait til September =-D

Musicians Needed

Bass player and drummer needed!
Must be in high school, serious rockers only, no bullshitters. Must have all needed equipment.
Metallica/Iron Maiden/Guns N' Roses/Van Halen style music.
Experienced players please, no noobs. We wanna rock, not teach.

Purpose of this band is purely for playing music for pleasure and possibly playing live shows later on.

Call 9185054, serious inquiries only.

Bruce Dickinson Hosting For Discovery ?!

I was browsing youtube and came across this:-

It's THE Bruce Dickinson. Wow, who ever knew being lead vocalist of the UK's number 1 heavy metal band for over 20 years would land you a hosting job on an educational program?

Thursday, June 15, 2006

What The Fuck Is Spotted Dick???

Spotted Dick, The UK's preferred breakfast for homosexuals around the world. Now just £1!


Turns out all the comments I've been getting were getting saved and not published!!! Stupid fucking Blogspot server had a setting I didn't see!!!

Yet Another BBS Faggot (Fuck You BBS)

Not only is this gay....fuck, I really have no words to describe the extent of how much I hate Bayan and the most of the assfuck twinkle eyed goody two shoes shit stains that attend it.

Watch these gay ass videos and do everyone a favor and bash the guy's fucking brains in with a steel pipe when you see the bastard.

For vomiting, this works better than Ipecac and/or shoving your fingers down your throat.

Fag Ass Video One
Fag Ass Video Two


How come I never have any fucking comments? I only get comments when I offend people, I guess I'm gonna have to offend people more often.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

FOR SALE: 1970 Mercury Cougar

1970 Mercury Cougar For Sale


Engine- 7.2 Litre V8
Automatic Transmission
Air Conditioning
AM/FM Radio
Automatic Convertible Top
Original Hub Caps
Power Brakes
Power Steering
Radial Tires
Vinyl Interior
Numbers are Matching

The engine and transmission have been rebuilt by Edelbrock himself in Illinois, USA. Very nice original car with lots of options, has front power disc brakes, have copy of bill of sale, new exhaust, power top & headlight covers work properly.

The only 1970 Cougar in Kuwait. Interior needs minor work, some stiching. This sort of interior job is available in Kuwait and the cost is minimal.

Price - KD8,000
A test drive is possible and can be scheduled.
For further inquiries call 9185054 or send an email to

More Pics available @ (LINK)

PS: If you are considering buying the car but want to talk about the price a little bit, I guess I negotiate a bit.

Megadeth Dubai Bootleg Wanted

Does anybody have a bootleg video or audio recording of the Megadeth show that rocked dubai back in March? I was supposed to be at that show, but thank you very much mother fucking math test. I have to see Megadeth play live before I die. If anybody had a bootleg of that show, please leave a comment. I am willing to buy it off u.

"One look in her lusting eyes,
savage fear in you will rise,
teeth of terror sinking in,
the bite of the She-Wolf."

Dave Mustaine Fucking Rocks!

Scalpels On Amazon

Scalpels On Amazon

Wow, I guess they really do sell everything.

Suicide Girl

Did anybody hear it on the radio yet? There's this girl in Eygpt that just committed suicide because some acter she's obsessed wth got engaged.

Damn and I thought I didn't have anything better to do...

The Office

I'm at my dad's office in Sharg Tower in Kuwait City right now. I started my summer job here yesterday, I help out with the IT crap. It's pretty fun so far. For instance, I press a button and ask for a coffee and it shows up on my desk 2 minutes later. I need one of those buttons for my room.

Monday, June 12, 2006

Spot The Difference & Win A Prize !!!

IF you can spot a difference between these 2 pictures, you win a chance to stab me.

Sunday, June 11, 2006


This is by far one of the best movies I have ever watched in my life. Without a doubt it is the absolute best war movie ever made. The blood spatter is absolutely mind blowing. Though the movie has 2 main scenes that made it infamous:-

1. "Hey, you have girlfriend Vietnam? Me so horny! Me love you long time!"

2. The unscripted scene where the Drill Sergeant juat goes insane and starts making fun of everyone at the Marine Core. Its been in many parodies, most notably on SNL.

The movie is absolutely attention grabbing. Once you watch the intro, your absolutely glued to the TV screen until the movie ends. The action keeps you absolutely on edge. A definite pant wetter.

The movie is directed by Stanley Kubrick, so if you liked the original version of 2001: A Space Odyssey you will love this move, without a doubt. If your not a fan of Stanley Kubrick's movies, and you hate this genious movie... burn in hell =o)

Final Verdict: 7 out of 5

Boring Summer

Its been only 5 days since the beginning of summer break and I'm bored out of my fucking mind already. I have a summer to do list but none of those things are really coming to life. For example, I said I'd like to spend a day in Ahmedi taking some pictures of the birds they have there. Didn't happen. Also I wanted to go fishing off the pier near Chili's late at night. Surprise surprise... nothing happened. I'm constantly in and out of the city, I love it there. Fuck Marina, nobody really goes out to discover the REAL Kuwait. I've been told I do things nobody else in my age group ever does, I guess I'll have to agree.

I think I'll go bargain hunting at the old marketplace in the city and then head to Casper & Gambini's (Salhiya Branch Ofcourse). I'm a city addict. Let's go burn down Marina Mall, should be entertaining watching all the ninja looking chicks and the KISS fan girls running for their pink Hummers with glasses that make them look like fucking mosquitos.

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Beit 7

Last Thursday me and my friend went to Beit 7 in Kuwait City. Its probably the best place in Kuwait to sit back and hang out. Its really close to the churchand on the same line of restaurants as Casper & Gambini's and The Square, across the street from Wasabi. The weather was alright and the fans were very practical.

For those of you that don't know Beit 7, its an old Kuwaiti house converted to a restaurant. The interior is absolutely amazing, it has a very homey feel to it, as well as a massive old tree growing right through the center of the structure. The outdoor seating is awesome. You get a nice view of the city and it looks exceptional at sundown. Unfortunately, I didn't take a picture.

Also, I had some sheesha, end of school year celebration sheesha. I dont have sheesha very often, once every 2-3 months. I had grape flavored, my friend had the strawberry.

Anyways,if you havent been to B7, I suggest you go with some friends. Also,for all you tech geeks like me,they have free wireless internet. =o)

I Got My Mac Back!!!

I finally got my mac back today!!! Now i have 1.25 GB of RAM (as you can imagine, the mac is now really fucking fast). As well as an additional 30 GB of hard drive space, making the total 60 GB.Plus the 30 GB I got on the iPod ,that makes the grand total 90GB. Damn it I'm really fucking hyped :D

By the way, sorry I haven't posted for a while now, but I'm back. New posts coming soon!

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Upgrading My Mac

I got to the shop and I decided to take advantage of my was6a, it's my dad's friends so it all for free :D . Anyways, I'm upgrading my hard drive to 60 GB, which is double my old 30 GB hard drive. Also, my RAM us being upgraded from a tiny 256 MB to a full 1 GB. Remember, my laptop is just a 12 inch Apple iBook G4 and I love the thing. I've taken everywhere in the country and everywhere out of the country. I can't wait til Saturday when I get it back from the workshop in Hawalli. People, if you want to get your computers updraded for a good price, check out Quick Solution, a shop in the Mezanin at Al Mulla Commercial Complex in Hawalli. Its on Bin Khaldun Street across from Al-Ruwaished Recording (yuck, arabic music).

Fucked Up iBook --> No Recent Posts

Right after exams I fucked up my Apple iBook. Long story short. It took one bitch of a fall and I completely destroyed the hard drive. It really hurt seeing it like that since the thing is always with me and technically another limb. Anyways, I'm taking it to get fixed at my dad's friend's computer place. Might as well upgrade it while i'm there.

Monday, June 05, 2006

Book Burning

Sometime after the last day of school, I'm gona set my books FUCKING ON FIRE. They gave me hell all year long. This is what they deserve. I'll take some pics and post them on the blog when it happens. Cheers.


Fuck You BBS

After exams today I went to Plaza Mall in Hawalli. I felt like some Subway. So I walk in and I see a few BBS kids sitting at Starbucks. No big deal I continue walking and I come across another bunch. I walked a little more and I noticed the entire fucking mall was filled with BBS!
So I thought screw it I came here for a fucking sandwich that means I'm getting my fucking sandwich. I go up the escalator and I just get sick, it looked like BBS invaded the whole damn mall. Everything about that hellish school just fucking haunts me.

At subway a whole bunch of the "shabab" were acting like little mindless kiddy fucks, as usual. I couldn't bear it anymore so I got a Diet Coke, which sucked cuz it tasted like crap and was flat, and got out. I was just God damn annoyed at that point. Last fucking day tomorrow. I don't have to bear them for the next 95 days.


Exam Update 3

Just got back from the 3rd of 4 exam days. There were all right. One more exam to go tomorrow and I'm finally free. Fuck BBS.


Sunday, June 04, 2006



This year is the 20th anniversary of the greatest metal album of all time:-


This album is the #1 heavy metal album of all time on a billion international charts. Since this year is the 20th anniversary of the album's release, Metallica is planning to release their first album in 3 years as well as tour the world. This album, as well as the band, completely reshaped my life. Though the first Metallica song that got me into rock/metal was "Nothing Else Matters". A month after that I took up the guitar. That summer I let my hair grow, then ended up cutting it because it grew up like an afro instead of down. It's grown back since then, luckily downwards this time.

Anyways, I cant wait to go see Metallica in concert, maybe later this year in London or somewhere else in europe. I'll post a pic of my extensive heavy metal concert injuries after the show :P Though its not me I'm worried about... its usually the black nigger ghetto fucks that are into rap that got mobbed by metal fans after a show. Can't wait :D

PS: For those of you that don't know, I got the name of this site from one of my favorite songs on that album ... "Welcome Home (Sanitarium)"
Metalheads... Keep rockin' |,,|,


Exam Update 2

Chemistry was a motherfucker.
Arabic was alright.
2 days and 4 exams down, 2 days and 3 exams to go...

Saturday, June 03, 2006

I Feel Like Shisha

A few weeks ago a whole bunch of friends "broke my shisha hymen" by taking me to the shisha joint near Elysium in sharg and making me try cherry shisha. I now see why smokers love smoking. I don't regard myself as a "smoker", just a few puffs once every few months, literally. Last time it was cherry shisha, this time I think I'll go for banana or grape flavor. Most probably to celebrate finishing grade 10,the shittiest year of my life. I don't plan on cigarettes, though it looks fucking cool when your on stage playing lead guitar with a cig in your mouth :p or just plain old showing off talent infront of people off stage.

Whoops, off topic. Anyways, where do you guys go for shisha? Know any good places here and there? I've heard Paradise near Marina Mall had some good shisha, I might try it later. I also heard of those kinky Egyptian joints that mix hash with their stuff and show porn. None of those please. The people there are just plain fucking weird.


Exam Update

I just got back from school. First day of exams... they went rather well I guess. 3 more days to go before summer break... Can't wait!

Friday, June 02, 2006

Comment Problem Solved

I noticed that you needed a blogger's account to leave a comment. I got rid of that. Now, absolutely anyone can comment on any of the posts. For first timers: All you have to do is click where it says " (a number) Comments" under any of the posts, then just type up you comment and your username and your done. Easy as that. Happy commenting...

Kuwaiti Invasion Dinar

I'm a money collector. Plenty of people are money collectors. BUT... my collection won't be complete until I get that damn Kuwaiti Invasion Dinar. Any idea where I can get it?? I saw plenty in the city, but NOBODY is willing to sell it!


Algebra II Exam

Tomorrow's it. It's the big day. The day of my Algebra II Exam. Tomorrow makes the difference between spending summer in Las Vegas and Boston or staying in Kuwait doing more math in summer school. It's gonna be impossible to cheat, considerng I have the seat number A1 !! Fuck, why don't I just start writing my will...?


New Phone

I'm in need of a new phone. My old, the Motorola V3, is starting to have problems with power and connectivity and I'm not spending the money to fix it. I was thinking about the new Motorola flip phones and the new Sony Ericsson phones, or a the P910i. Still have no idea what to buy, but I'm sure as hell it won't be a Nokia piece of crap. Any suggestions on what to get??


Thursday, June 01, 2006

Virgin Megastore

I just got back from Virgin Megastore. I'm supposed to be studying for exams but all I've done for the past 2 weeks is study. Its gettting old. So I decided to get my ass out of the house and head to marina on a thursday morning, the only time its any good. I went to virgin megastore and notices they had the "The 99" coference there. The 99 is an arab created comic book, though it is published in english. I didnt pay much attention to that.

I noticed a few weeks ago that they isolated parts of the store for what seemed like a renovation. They extended their CD racks, good idea. One thing pisses me off though, they havent extended the metal/rock/alternative section. Mother fuckers.. doesnt matter, I just download them :P


Licensed To Kill

I've been running low on cash for a while now, and I hate it. I was thinking about being an MOD, Merchant Of Death... selling tobacco products that is. Plenty of guys smoke cigarettes and they all the exotic brands that you cant get in Kuwait. I have some ties and can get some of that crap for a a better price. So reselling them could generate profit. Really not a a bad idea...

I myself am not a smoker, I hate the fucking coffin nails in a carton. That doesnt stop people from loving them though, people want people get... Fuzz provides =o)

I dunno.. this is just one of my bajillion schemes to make money in any illegal and twisted way possible. I suck, eh? ~FUZZ~

Final Fucking Countdown

This coming tuesday i'll be finally fucking free from the fucking hell hole we know as BBS. Last day of exams is 666 (number of the beast,for all u iron maiden fans), June 6th, 2006. I dont really have plans, probably gona have lunch with friends. The number one thing on my mind is SLEEP. Last time i was this exhausted i ended up sleeping for 16 hours straight.

I really have nothing to do these days but stay captive in my room and get raped by a fucking math book, which i might just end up failing. Fuck numbers. I guess you've established by now I am an excessive swearer. End of the day, people are like OMG he's sooo pathetic... but really people, who the fuck cares? :P