Sunday, September 17, 2006


Perhaps one of the best animated shows of all time. The show is called Metalocalypse and is based on a fictitious heavy metal band named Dethklok that is voiced by real metal musicians. Basically the show follows the life of the members of Dethklok. Each member is loosely based on a real metal head, for example, the lead guitarist is based on Alexi Laiho of Children Of Bodom.

The show is based in Norway, where most metalcore music originated. The show, as you can imagine, is loaded with blood and gore. I suggest you check out some episodes on YouTube. Sadly, the show is not aired on Kuwaiti MTV :-( ... bu torrents are available online :-)

All Hail Zakk Wylde

The video speaks for itself.

3rd Week Of School

WellI started my third week of school. Not so entertaining so far. They have the Student Council elections up and going. There were moon bounces at school, as well as a DJ and popcorn vendor/. I guess they're nothing left to do but practice politics like real Kuwaiti politicians in Kuwait... pay people to vote for you.

Oh, and I still haven't recieved my 200 KD Amiri decree... dammit...

777 Sucks

Fuck 777. Fuck it all... I don't feel like typing it all up, so here you go:-

Friday, September 15, 2006

JAR Programs

I found a website loaded with all kinds of programs for all kinds of mobiles. I just download Money Manager, a huge collection of games, MSN Mobile, Quran Reader, Amazon Fish, and plenty more. Best thing about it is that I downloaded them all for FREE. Yep,no charge whatsoever. All you have to do is download them onto your computer then transfer them into your phone however you wanna do it. I just send them via bluetooth. When your phone gets them, simply save and install them and the program will be ready for use. I suggest you check it out...

My New Phone

I finally did it, went to Al-Muneera Complex near Marina Mall and traded in my dead V3 and payed the price for a Nokia 9300. I spent the whole day yesterday just tinkering around with it, and I must say the damn thing is pretty fun. The keyboard on the inside is pretty fun and the display is much clearer than I anticipated. I'll post a review about it once I have some real experience with it. Hopefully, in like a month's time like Mark did.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

KD 200

Has it been given out yet? I didn't get shit...

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Slash & Zakk

They're just fucking awesome...

Micheal Schumacher Retires

Micheal Schumacher has recently announced his timely retirement. Schumacher has won just about ever major F1 racing even in the past 10 years. He's had an incredible career with Ferrari, not to mention an incredible paycheck.

They guy's been totally dominating the sport for a long time. People go to the races only to watch Micheal rake in one more win. Although, his brother Ralf Schumacher is still racing. We'll see if he ends up with career record anywhere near his brother's...

Apple Unveiling

There's a grand Apple unveiling of new products today in San Francisco. Is this one of them? This image has been on the net for a while now. Last time this happened, it was the new iPod being revealed, turned out the design was authentic. If that is the case this time around, I'm getting my iPhone ASAP.

Weeks Flying By

The first week of school was just excruciatingly slow. The second week went by fast. If only the remainder of the year flew by like this...

Monday, September 11, 2006


Today is a Monday, which is probably the most neutral day of the week. Today was surprisingly not a bad day at school, especially the last 2 lessons. I had Advisory and Elements of Art, basically, I had relaxation followed by kick back and enjoy. People didn't seem to give me that much of a bitch of a time today. I felt somewhat... damn it I dont have a word for it, but its a combination of relieved and at peace.

Maybe its the thought of the Amir's gift this coming weekend... or maybe this is just God's way of relieving my slight case of homesickness. Only God knows I guess...

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Hypertrichosis... Meeting The Victims

This is Supatra Sasuphan. She is a Thai girl leading a normal life excpet for one thing,she was born with a genetic fault causing hair to grow on her face and body. This genetic alteration is called hypertrichosis. Turns out, there are only 40 documented cases of hypertrichosos since 1648. Somewhere seep in out DNA, there is a gene that allows us to looke just like that...

The original title for this case was "Wolf Girl". I found that extremely innapropriate because I know what it feels like to be teased for being different. I decided to re-title the piece for the blog.

Saturday, September 09, 2006


I wanna get some tattoos on my 16th birthday. Does anybody know any good (or any at all for that matter) tattoo parlors in Kuwait? I wana get the Red Sox logo tattooed on the upper right side of my back.